This is the support section. Here you can find the following subsections to help you using the Universal-Electrode-Puller or solve issues that can possibly occur. All pages may be updated now and again to feature new instructions, solutions to problems or new answers.


The manual offers a detailed description of how to use the puller using pictures, tables and well explained examples.


The maintenance page explains how to maintain the Universal-Electrode-Puller to ensure a long lifetime and get the best possible results.


The troubleshooting page helps you with the most common problems you can face when using the device.


On the FAQ page you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


The precautions are very important for your safety and health. Please read it very carefully before using the puller the first time or before attempting any maintenance and repairs.


The manual, the flyer (features of the device) and the troubleshooting page are available as download.

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